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Scale Your Real Estate Business So You Can Work Less & Earn More

Our Launch Mastermind will teach you a proven plan to scale your business so you can enjoy the life you’re building.

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Escape The Business Owner Overwhelm

Build A Business That Runs On Its Own

Skyrocket The Growth Of Your Business

Are you losing out on new business because you’re “stuck in the weeds”?

You’ve already seen how profitable real estate investing can be. You’ve also seen how much it can consume of your life. In order to just keep the business going, it can feel like you’re missing out on new opportunities and the life you want. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Put your business growth on auto-pilot.

The Launch Mastermind is your path to consistent business growth that requires less of your time. You'll be in a group of other real estate business owners with different strengths and similar challenges, all learning a proven system to build your dream team, capture new business, and free you up to finally enjoy the life you're building.

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Go from working in your business to working on your business.

You want to grow your real estate business, but in order to do that, you must get out of the weeds of the day to day operations. That means you need to build the right team if you want to grow your business to its fullest potential. We’ve done it, and the formula we created can work for you too. Here's a glimpse of what you'll get out of this mastermind group:

  • A community of like minded people with different strengths that can help you
  • A deep dive into your current business to uncover the hard truths
  • A clear vision and most importantly, action plan, for the future
  • Better understanding of your strengths and where to focus your limited time
  • Connections and a network that can speed up your growth exponentially
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We're Now Accepting Applications for The December Mastermind in Beautiful St Petersburg Fl

Our next Launch Mastermind group begins in December and we already have applications rolling in. Apply now so you don't miss out on this opportunity to grow your business while getting you out of the day-to-day operations!

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Here's The Plan

Apply To Join The Launch Mastermind.

Apply now and we'll help you assess your business so we can help you get on the path to consistent growth.

Solidify Your Business Foundation.

We’ll give you all the tools and guidance you need to build out the foundation of your team to keep it all going.

Watch Your Business Grow Faster.

Your team grows the business so you can get out of the weeds and enjoy the life you’re building, not be captive to it.

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We want you to help you grow your business so you can enjoy your life, not be a captive of it.

We’re Corey and Carrie and we understand how overwhelming it can be to run a real estate business. We started with just the two of us, wearing all the hats, and making a good living. But we were so busy building our business that we didn’t get to enjoy the life we were building!

But in the course of three years we’ve built our dream team to keep the business not just running, but growing without us having to be in the day-to-day operations.

Now we want to help you achieve that same success by teaching you how to do it too!

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Feel Confident In The Team You've Built To Run Your Business

Focus On The Parts Of The Business You Enjoy 

Gain More Time For The Things That Matter Most To You

How The Launch Mastermind Is Helping Members Work Less & Earn More

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Start Enjoying The Life You're Building.

You work really hard to build a good life for yourself. It's time you get the chance to enjoy the life you're creating - and our mastermind can help you get there!

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Want To Know How To Find The Perfect Acquisitions Manager?

Acquisitions are the engine of your real estate wholesaling business, so you need to find the perfect person for the job.

Download our free guide “The Perfect DISC Profile For An Acquisitions Manager” so you can get out of the weeds and still grow your business.

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