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Our "BRRRR For Beginners" training program will teach you a step-by-step, repeatable formula to build the real estate portfolio of your dreams - with little or no money out of your pocket.

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How much is it costing you to not start investing in real estate?

You know real estate is an excellent vehicle to build long-term wealth, but you’ve also heard the horror stories of people who got it wrong. Just because you’re not sure how to start building your real estate empire doesn’t mean you need to let the fear of making a huge mistake keep you from financial security.

What is the BRRRR anyway?

We know it sounds funny, but it's so simple and SO profitable. BRRRR stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. And this formula can help you build your real estate portfolio with little or none of your own money.

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With this formula, real estate investing doesn't have to be that hard - or scary!

In this coaching program, you'll learn everything you need to know to start and grow the real estate portfolio of your dreams. Here's a glimpse of what you'll get with the "BRRRR For Beginners" training program:

  • How to develop the mindset of a successful investor
  • How to build your team
  • How to find the best deals
  • The tools you need for success (and we'll give them to you!)
  • Guidance all the way through your first transactions
  • How to rinse and repeat to build long-term wealth

We want to help you build your dream life through real estate.

We’re Corey and Carrie and we understand how scary it can seem to take that step into real estate investing. We started from nothing with zero experience and very little cash - all while juggling multiple other businesses and a young family.

But in the course of three years we’ve acquired over 100 rental doors with no money down and we’ve helped dozens of people start building their rental portfolios as well.

Now we want to help you achieve that same success by teaching you how to do it too!

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How The Formula Is Working For Our Students

“I used the brrrr formula to evaluate the deal. The seller and I settled on $109,000, the property appraised at $172,000 after renovations. I will be receiving a check for $31,703 after closing costs. I couldn't have done it without you!”
- Tom, Wisconsin -

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We’ll teach you every detail you need to know in order to start investing with confidence.

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We’ll guide you through your first deals so you can repeat and live the freedom lifestyle you’re after!

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Don't Let Fear Keep You From Building The Life Of Your Dreams.

With so many variables at play and so much to learn, it’s easy to feel crippled by the fear of making a huge mistake. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The BRRRR is a proven formula you can use to bypass the pitfalls of others and skip right to success!

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We want you to succeed in real estate so much that we're giving you the exact calculator we used to go from 0 to 115 rental doors in three years + a mini course to show you how to use it! Just click below to get the calculator and mini course.

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